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Out of the small Greater Toledo area town of Rossford comes Jake & The Venom that blends elements of folk and country with a bigger, atmospheric ambience, often shifting gears to areas of alternative rock. The lyrics find themselves moving smoothly through an easy-to-follow melody while offering a bit of thinking for those who wish to dive deep. Jake Pilewski is the writer, performer, and producer.

The current project is a 3 part release, starting with ‘A Stone Unturned’ on July 23, 2021, followed by ‘A Tape Unraveled’ on September 15, concluding with ‘A Bell Unrung’ coming in October/November 2021. Each part contains four tracks that establish each release as 3 separate acts in one big journey. The journey is that of the narrator who is battling internal and external struggles amidst the pandemic.

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