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Levi & Lilac's Listening Loft is the most uniquely intimate venue in the greater Toledo area that focuses not only on ambience and personalization, but also top notch acoustics. Located on the second floor of the historic Old Plantation building in Maumee, OH, the history alone is a draw. All shows are ticketed and feature a true active listening experience for patrons which has become a favorite of not just the patrons, but the artists as well. Patrons can start their evening with dinner and drinks on the first floor at Levi & Lilac's Whiskey Room.

What was initially intended to be a one off venue for a single CD release show in March 2022 has now evolved into a community staple. With the collaboration of Levi & Lilac's with Reel JP Multimedia, every show feels like a must-see experience.

How The Loft Came To Be

This documentary, free to the public on YouTube, tells the origin story of The Listening Loft. 

Directed by Jake Pilewski of Reel JP Multimedia, who's also the Loft event coordinator/producer.

Filmed by Todd Stanton of Todd Productions, Inc.

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