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make a sound


Featuring 8 brand new songs

streaming on all major platforms


Jake & The Venom is a recording artist/composer/producer and on-going project; the project officially debuted in 2016. Jake Pilewski is the main and often sole artist featured, but welcomes the talent of various artists/guests depending on what each composition calls for. 

The genre is ever-changing from album to album, and often song to song, all while paying homage to Pilewski's love for classic melodies and timeless sounds. Elements of folk, country, alternative, and soft rock can be heard throughout the many releases, refusing to perfectly fit into a single category.

Jake & The Venom's debut album Between Then & When (2017) was an exploration of Pilewski's writings that spanned nearly a decade and a half. Then in late fall 2019, a new digital campaign would see the monthly release of a single for four consecutive months before abandoning the campaign as the global pandemic hit in March 2020. 

Pilewski would continue to write and record songs throughout 2020 and into 2021 to prepare a collection of three EPs that would eventually be re-released as a full LP in 2022 titled A Stone Unturned, A Tape Unraveled, A Bell Unrung (each part of the name being the title of each EP). 

After a bit of a writing hiatus, Pilewski would return to writing in January 2024 to figure out the next release/goal/plan. A satirical April fools joke of an EP Sad Tire 4 1 was released on April 1, 2024 to not only get a laugh from fans, but to let the fans know that a legit new album is on its way (giving a nod to a similar way that the previous LP was announced).

Pilewski called upon his bandmates in another project, The Daydrinkers, to be the backing band for this new album. In addition to a couple featured guests, Pilewski and the full ensemble would knock out most of the songs by mid-late May 2024. make a sound is scheduled to be released on Sunday, July 14, 2024, featuring eight new tracks. This release is to be considered part one of a two part release, with the second half shooting for a late 2024 release.


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