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My interiors are often, yet not always, a direct reflection of my personality. Rustic reclaimed wood & custom industrial steel’ meets contemporary accents.


25 years a decorative artist – I’ve adjusted my sights on designing and building custom bar & restaurant interiors. That’s 30+ years of creative and practical building knowledge.


I’ve compiled these simple and straightforward examples of my interior design work since 2012. I’m happy to provide references upon request.


I’ve been blessed to work with/for many of Toledo’s most talented and respected chefs & restaurateurs; I'm always pushing them to think outside the box to create unique interiors.


I’m extending an invite to you/your team to come check out my team’s private studio located in Downtown Toledo, Ohio – where we simply design & build CUSTOM interiors.


Stop thinking about it! Come check us out!




     Greg Zappone

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The perfect pairing is what this place achieves throughout. In doing so, the goal is to set a new standard. Fine dining with a comfortable atmosphere. Cozy and chic have never felt more congruous:


  • Design & build from scratch. The building sits in such a prominent location yet remained untouched (except for some throwaway storage) from the early onset of Perrysburg’s Levis Commons until now


  • Custom/original art on the walls to be paired with custom/original food & drink on the menu. Cut-from-metal designs via first time collaboration with Mike “Cowboy” Dawe

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Although brokencolor cannot take responsibility for the entirety of the interior design itself at this well-crafted Italian eatery, we did however execute 90% of all of their custom painted surfaces:


  • HVAC spiral overhead ductwork sprayed with custom metallic copper   


  • Every linier foot of interior trim on all 3 floors stained by hand with oil-based stain, then finished with 3 coats of old school oil-based urethane


  • Hand-glazed ceilings creating an old world patina

BC Osteria001.gif
BC Osteria002.gif
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This Maumee gem is quickly becoming a fan favorite – in part due to its casually comfortable interior. Here you will find the following:


  • Revolving local artwork we curate for our clients


  • Distressed faux brick accent walls


  • Culinary-inspired sage walls: 3 slightly different shades creating a calming vibe



BC Barrs001.gif
BC Barrs002.gif

The interior is small but mighty. Straightforward ‘industrial chic.’ The entire bar was fabricated in our studio along with the server’s stations & tables. ‘Rustic rough-sawn wood & custom steel’ meets contemporary accents:



  • “Imperfect by design” farm tables on custom steel adjustable bases


  • Fully custom bar with steel trim and LED lighting


  • Faux rusted patina overhead ductwork gives it a century-old look


  • Rough sawn pallet wood from Michigan hardwood ceiling

BC plat001.gif
BClogo Piza.gif

The original of now 19 locations, this local pizza stop has been in need of a makeover for quite some time. The interior itself had been standing still since 1964, which of course was part of its appeal… and so the challenge: renovate rather than “ruinovate”:


  • Exterior façade re-design while staying true to original

  • Custom built solid oak booths

BC piza001.gif
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BC Social001.gif
BC Social003.gif

This custom interior is ‘industrial chic’- rustic reclaimed wood with contemporary accents:



  • Hand-blown glass pendant lighting using local Toledo artists


  • Rustic rough-sawn hardwood table tops with custom steel bases


  • Faux steel panel accent walls


  • Hand-painted walls with contemporary designer motifs

BC Social002.gif
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BC LR001.gif

From the beginning, co-owner Ashley Balester had a vision as to how to bring the West coast healthy juice bar concept back to her Midwest ‘roots.’ Taking over a defunct-yet-classic Fort Meigs Barber Shop, her hands were tied:


  • Gutted the interior completely of what had been a patchwork/cover-up job, time and time again, from previous businesses in the building. This would include the floors and joists.


  • Layouts: the bar, the kitchen, the lounge: all essential parts of making the juice experience inviting to guests while being efficient for the staff

BC LR002.gif
BC LR003.gif
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This 16th century inspired interior proudly boasts the following surfaces:


  • A one-of-a-kind hammered steel bar top with a reclaimed red oak edge


  • A monstrous hand-painted mural depicting characters – both historical and fictional


  • An 80 ft. long live edge hardwood drink rail


  • Bright hand-painted table tops inspired by Black Cloister brew

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BC Cloister002.gif
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